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Gourmet Foods & Cheeses 

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Black Diamond Grand Reserve
Cheddar Cheese

Black Diamond is probably Canada's most well-known cheddar. The "Grand Reserve" distinction signifies that this cheddar is aged a minimum of two years. Made from raw milk, this white cheddar encased in black wax has a sharp, robust, tangy flavor.


Saga Classic Blue Brie

Saga Blue Brie is a cross between blue cheese and brie. It has got the best of both cheeses - creaminess and white-mould rind of classic brie and the gentle blue veins. However, the triple-cream, soft-ripened cheese is very mild compared to other varieties of blue cheeses. Saga is an excellent dessert cheese that should be served with fruit and wine.


Marty Bendy
Cheese Spreaders

$11.99 each

HouseMADE Sriracha
Thai Chili Sweet-Hot Sauce

Arrow Wine is now featuring local Housemade Sriracha sauce by Chef Lee Anne House. Stop by and get your bottle of Thai chili sweet-hot sauce that won first prize at the 2014 Louisiana Cajun hot sauce festival. It's all natural, gluten-free, and vegan, and it is goood!


Wild Hibiscus Flower
Pyramid Salt Flakes


Monin Flavored Syrups

Monin is the leading global producer of gourmet flavorings for use in restaurants, hotels, and specialty coffee houses. More than 100 flavors are available to create signature cocktails, sodas, and smoothies or to flavor iced tea, lemonade or coffee.

At Arrow Wine we carry around 35 different flavors of Monin syrups.

Rothschild Farm Products

Grilling Sauces

Flavors may vary by store.

Maytag Blue Cheese

In 1941, Maytag Dairy Farms began producing its world famous blue cheese in the heartland of America, with milk from a prize-winning herd of Holstein cattle. E.H. Maytag, son of the founder of the famous appliance firm, had established this herd of show cattle in 1919. During the 1930s, the Maytag Holsteins gained fame in competition across the North American continent.

Cambozola Black Label
Blue Cheese

Cambozola Black Label is a Masterpiece from the German company Käserei Champignon. This gourmet cheese is a triple cream soft ripened blue cheese that is matured in special cold cellars (cold ripened). The cheese has a unique natural gray mold on the outside and an equisite blue veining on the inside. The flavor can be characterized as nutty with a sweet note. Serve the Cambozola Black Label with warm Truffle Honey or a Balsamic Reduction. It can also be enjoyed with honeydew, dried cranberries or any other type of fruit.


Henning's Cheddar

A mild to medium flavored cheddar.


Wild Hibiscus Heart-Tee

Heart-Tee, a 100% pure, full-bodied, high antioxidant Wild Hibiscus Flower Tea with intense berry flavor. The flower’s full health and Anthocyanin antioxidant benefits are retained using a unique cold-dried process. The tea’s freshness and flavor are further preserved in foil-sealed bags

  • 100% Pure, all natural Hibiscus tea
  • pack contains instructions for a funt test consumers can do at home to prove the high antioxident content
  • Each tea bag is sealed in foil to preserve the flavour and freshness
  • Made from premium flowers


Peg's Salt

Peg's Salt is a seasoned salt that is handmade in Greenwood, Virginia. Based on a family recipe from the 1970s, Peg's Salt has become a staple in hundreds of kitchens because of its unique versatility.

$6.99/3oz jar
$10.99/7.5oz jar

Wind & Willow
Brick Oven Pizza Mix


Feridies Gourmet Nuts

Available in:

Jamaican Me Nuts
Salted Pistachios
Wasabi Peanuts
Hot & Spicy Peanuts
Garlic Peanuts
Cajun Peanuts
5 O'Clock Crunch

Milton Creamery
Prairie Breeze Cheese

Prairie Breeze is a well aged cheese thats dry and crumbly. Sweeter than a typical cheddar, it also has a pleasant tang.

Godiva Truffles

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Dark French Vanilla

Naturally loaded with protein, KRAVE Jerky is the healthier anytime snack. For athletes, outdoor recreationalists or anyone on-the-run,
KRAVE presents all the benefits of meat, at its most nutritious.

Available in:

Chili Lime Beef
Black Cherry BBQ Pork

Wild Hibiscus Flowers
in Syrup

From the company's website:

A Beautiful and Unique product - Serve our exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers as a garnish in Champagne at your next special occasion, celebration or dinner party!

Also good as an excuse to crack open some bubbly, the little flower sits in the bottom of the glass, all the bubbles stream off and subtly unfurl the flower, at the end of the drink you can eat the flower it has a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavor.

$9.99/8.8oz jar
$15.79/12.3oz jar


Danish Blue Cheese

Made in the Danish tradition with fresh cow’s milk and an eight to twelve week aging process, Favrskov cheeses are semi-soft and slightly moist, with a creamy consistency for a strong taste.

With hints of sharp, salty, and spicy tastes, these cheeses have the quality taste that can only come from Denmark.

$10.99 lb

Ale 8


Lost Trail Sarsaparilla


Lost Trail Black Cherry Soda


Far Hills Location Only


Bill Sanders
First Fresh Olive Oil

This fresh extra virgin olive oil was created by Bill Sanders, an international evangelist, for fresh extra virgin olive oil.  This award winning and kosher olive oil is certified and traceable to groves spanning the 19th to the 21st centuries in Corning, California.

Woodford Reserve
Bourbon Balls

Only the finest Bourbon is worth blending into the best cream and chocolate confection. From the first bite of the chocolate shell to the dense chocolate and whiskey center, the taste is all about southern hospitality and charm. Proudly made in Bluegrass Country by the “official candy maker” to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

Available in 3 different package sizes.