Saturday August 22nd
1pm to 5pm
at Arrow Wine Mason

Come join us for an afternoon with Ardie Bonanno & Brian Demarke

Matthew Fritz Sauvignon Blanc

Matthew Fritz Chardonnay

Matthew Fritz Pinot Noir

Matthew Fritz Cabernet Sauvignon

BonAnno Chardonnay

BonAnno Cabernet Sauvignon


Saturday  Aug 22nd 1pm to 5pm at Arrow Wine Mason



Come join us, along with our regular beer and wine tastings, have a cigar on our patio and take advantage of cigar bundle specials and cold cheap beer!!!

Cigar Bundle Specials!!!!

$1 Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light & Michelob Ultras on the Patio!!!

Wine Tasting Info for Arrow Centerville
Arrow Wine & Spirits
615 Lyons Rd.

​No tasting Saturday July 25


Beer Tasting for Arrow Centerville

No Beer tasting Friday July 24

No One Sells Beer & Wine For Less